• Ämter Schweinerei

    Da das Combo seit Beginn seines Bestehens auf Kooperation und kreative Zusammenarbeit setzt, wurde gemeinsam mit den Partnern eine Wildschweinschutz- Graffitiwand (Wohl die erste seiner Art) und die anschließende Begradigung der Rasenfläche beschlossen.

  • Battle You 2016

    A while ago we held up the Battle You edition 2016 at Combo. A newcomer event designed by some active B-Boys that give dance classes in several schools in the region

  • 11 Years Combo – Video – The Can Control Files by Kehrwood Films

    Graff action at the 11th anniversary of the Combo.

  • Badia Street // Team Combo

    Some graffiti artist from the Team Combo went to Spain to participate at the annual Badia Street Festival. In cooperation with painters from Barcelona, Zaragoza, Sabadell and Altafulla they had 3 days time to paint a 20m high building in the center of Badia de Valles.

Team Combo // Instagram

Busy with projects. Nowadays we struggle with our webiste to keep it...

18th Feb

Video // Badia Street Festival

As we already presented on a post before, we went to Barcelona,...

08th Dez

Ämter Schweinerei

Am 18. September 2016 feierte das Combo offiziell sein 11 jähriges Bestehen....

01st Dez

Battle You 2016

A while ago we held up the Battle You edition 2016 at...

08th Nov

Video – The Can Control Files

11 Years anniversary of „Combo Hip Hop Kulurzentrum Karlsruhe“ The Can Control...

04th Nov

Badia Street // Team Combo

Exchange /the act of giving something to someone and them giving you...

06th Okt

Graffiti @ Combo 11 Years

Walls at 11 anniversary of Combo. Massive respect to all artists! Rain...

27th Sep

Docu 11 Years Combo // Turkish

We had visit from the turkish youtube channel Motto Müzik // Street...

24th Sep

Emotions 11 Years Combo

21st Sep

11th Anniversary

11th Anniversary // Combo Hip Hop Kulturzentrum // 18. September 2016 Graffiti...

30th Jul

Loft // Messe Karlsruhe

Team Combo represent. Kleiner Stand auf der Loft in der Messe Karlsruhe....

10th Jun

Sharing is „KA“ri“NG“

Besuch in „KA“rlsruhe aus der englischen Partnerstadt „N“ottin“G“ham. Der Grafiker, Künstler und...

29th Mai