• Battle Of The Month // 25th Anniversary

    In our fast-paced society, continuity is a gift that is no longer distributed so often.
    The fact that hip-hop has managed to become an integral part of becoming a cultural form taking place in every corner of the world, that’s pretty awesome.

  • NL Contest 2019 // The Breakin Files

    Last saturday the NL Contest in Straßbourg / France went down. A international festival around urban culture.

  • Team Combo Trip // Kazan Russia

    Seven heads had to check passport, clear visa, flights, transportation, accomodation and budget for one week in the the capital and largest city of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. And the rest is history. Or as we say: Legends of tomorrow.

  • Part 2 // Pics // Combo Nation Europe

    Second selection of pics done by Paul Gärtner at Combo Nation Europe.

Break City – Evolution Europe

Evolution Europe ist back. Diesmal als 3 vs. 3 Special Edition!

25th Jan

Bensen & Chassid – „Guitar Session #1“

Bensen & Chassid – Gittare & Rap. Ohne große Worte unsererseits.

20th Jan


Verein zur Förderung der Hip Hop Kultur. Das trägt Farbschall in seinem...

10th Jan


here we go! 2014 is here and we wish everyone a blessed...

01st Jan

Combo @ Ready 2 Rumble 2013

La Smala, Battle Toys, Figure de Style, Lunaticks Crew, Team Ukraine Funky...

08th Dez

European Sound Initiative

Während in der Politik der Traum vom grenzübergreifenden Europa langsam aber sicher...

23rd Nov

A Team Combo Weekend

Ein ganz normales Wochenende! Während Baske bei der „Walls Talk 5“-Graffitijam in...

12th Nov

Recap „Clean up the Floor“

Von alten Hasen und jungen Hühnern beim Reinigungsdienst. So oder so ähnlich...

03rd Nov

Just Writing my Name – Koblenz Germany

„Just Writing my Name – Internationale Graffiti Session“ nennt sich eine von...

21st Okt

Graffiti Pieces at Camp Combo 2013

Vom 6.- 8. September fand das Camp Combo auf dem Gelände des...

18th Okt

Team Combo in Krassnodar / Russia

Ende Oktober machte sich eine Delegation der Stadt Karlsruhe auf den Weg...

15th Okt

Not Giving In

Directed by photographer Josh Cole, the ‘Not Giving In’ video mirrors the...

18th Sep