Beyond the Battle

On 5. Juli 2011

Eigentlich wollte ich an dieser Stelle darüber schreiben wie die Süd- Koreanische B-Boy Crew „JinJo“ beim R16 in Seoul Triumphierte. Sie gewannen den Event in den beiden Kategorien, Show und Battle.
Beim durch forsten des B-Boy World Forums stieß ich auf einen Beitrag von „Crumbs“ der mit seiner US Truppe „Killafornia“ im Halbfinale der Battles gegen „JinJo“ unterlag.
I haven’t posted anything here in quite some time. Just wanted to say peace to all the crews that competed at R16. Everybody did there thing 4 sho. Jinjo deserved to win the whole event. They work really hard as a crew and a team year round and it shows. As far as Killa goes, we went through some of our hardest times as a crew these past 3 weeks. Nobody will ever know how much heart, determination and passion it took just for us to be there on stage. One of our soldiers „Steelo“ is going through the fight of his life right now. He was suppose to be there with us but during training had something very serious happen. It’s not my place to elaborate on it but he has been in the hospital ever since it happened. Lil John was suppose to be there with us too but he stayed behind to be by Steelo’s side. We were almost gonna not go to R16 cause of all this and it changed a lot of the dynamics of the event for us. We decided to go rep for Steelo win lose or draw cause thats what we know he would’ve wanted us to do and all we know as a unit is to be on the front line prepared or not. We go out gunz blazin. We went with the soldiers we had and basically started from scratch a week 1/2 before the event to make it all happen. I’m proud of all my Killa4nia brothaz for sticking together and pulling off what we did. This dance is what we live and breathe. It’s what unifies us. Nobody will win them all. At the end of the day I always say there is no best. It’s not about the W or the L it’s about the experience and love. We „Killa4nia“ would also like to thank „Jinjo“ not only for a great battle but for the great $1500 donation they made for Steelo. God bless your crew and looking out for a fallen soldier. Not many crews have that type of class. People forget that we are all in this Hip Hop culture together. United we stand, Divided we fall. We just ask everybody from the Hip Hop community to keep praying for our brotha Steelo. We are going to set up a site to donate asap for those that would like to help a fellow Bboy. I’ll post it up here as soon as I get the info. Last we would just like to thank all the people that have been supporting Killafornia throughout the many years and we apologize that we couldn’t come off the way we wanted too but one things for sure… we left our heart and soul out there on the stage in honor of Steelo. We love you!

Steelo scheint auf dem Weg der Besserung zu sein. Momentan erholt er sich von einer schweren Hirn OP.
Schaut euch diese Video, von einer Benefizveranstaltung für ihn an.
Seine Frau spricht am Anfang einige Worte über seinen Zustand.

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