Combo Nation Europe // Pics and Clips

On 6. März 2018

Combo Nation Europe was niiiiice. We had a full place with 66 competitors from Switzerland, France, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Russia, Venezuela and all over Germany.
The battles went good and smooth. Our Jost Sung Goku did a nice job. Our Judges, FlexHolik, Chau-Lin and Reveal went straight and correct trough the event. The music by B-Boy Dj Double D was on point and on edge of time. The teamwork with the location was really good. Thanks to the whole NCO-Club Team. All in all we are happy with the whole outcome and feel good to send B-Boy Anton from The Saxonz to the Finals in Kazan, Russia.

I hope all guests and competitors had a good time and hopefully see you soon.

Enjoy the pics of our man Paul Gärtner and some clips of the battle on the Break City YouTube channel



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