Not Giving In

On 18. September 2013

Directed by photographer Josh Cole, the ‘Not Giving In’ video mirrors the extraordinary true life-story of Josh’s close friend and 3-times World Champion B-Boy, Mouse. Cleverly narrating two parallel stories – that of the young Mouse (played by B-Boy Allen) and that of an older brother (played by Tugo) – Mouse discovers the dance sub-culture of Manila, whilst his brother follows a less fortunate path. The video was shot entirely on location in Manila; all the actors are regular local residents. Rudimental provide the perfect backdrop to this cinematic visual that alternates between both brothers’ lives on the streets. The uplifting record, a sound clash of live instruments, beats and soulful voices, conveys a spirit of hope with the soaring vocals of two heavyweights, John Newman and Alex Clare.

In real life, Mouse’s mother left the Philippines for the UK in a bid for a better life when he was just 8. The young Mouse soon found himself on the streets, where he first discovered and got involved in dance. His mother returned to Manila to find Mouse when he was 16 years old, to bring him back to her new home of Birmingham. Mouse quickly became involved in the UK B-Boy scene and by the age of 18 he was winning competitions. By age 26 he had risen to World Champion, which he then won again twice: once in Singapore and once in San Paulo. Mouse cameos in the new Rudimental video, teaching the young actor, who plays his younger self, to dance. Mouse does have a real brother, and while he’s not dead (as per this video), he is lost to the world of drugs and addiction. Mouse hopes that through telling his story he can inspire others to follow the right path.
(quelle: cloud 12 / vimeo)

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