Pics // Combo Nation Europe // Part 1

On 11. Februar 2019

Unreal! This word and his meaning transalted into several languages. This is what we got as feedback from audience, participants and line up. Unreal is for us to get this kind of feedback. Dont get it wrong. We are really happy and thankfull we can build up and provide for the culture. And we know what we did. But we just scratched the surface. There is so much more potential if people work together and contribute with positive energy like we experience it from so many at Combo Nation Europe.

Thanks to all that helped in one or another way to make it happen. Thanks to all participants. Thanks to our Line up.
Congartulations to winners B-Boy Light and B-Girl Thai Break. Good luck in Kazan, Russia at Combo Nation World.

This is a first selection of pics done by Paul Gärtner.
Second selection of pics at Combo Nation Europe:

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