Pics of Battle You 2018

On 2. Juli 2018

Battle You 2018 was a great day. Not only we had a really sunny and feel good weather, we also had a lot of new kids and a bunch of Rookies that went down on the floor.

10 Teams with each 2 Dancers compete on the Kids section. We had a nice Final with Two Minjazz vs Break City Breakaz. In a dramatic final Two Minjazz won in the tiebreak.
13 Teams battled for the customised trophies and the Rookie Title of Battle You 2018. The Final was Team Classix vs Egal Crew. Hooray to Team Classix for getting the win. Well deserved.

Before you look at all the nice pics done by our teamate Paul Gärtner, we would like to thank the teachers of all the young guns,  all the parents that stand behind there kids. We also say thanks to our judges panel, B-Girl Thai Break, B-Boy Danik-Sun, b-Boy Bobby Balboa , our music deliverer DJ Big W and our fantastic Host Sung-Goku.  And big shout out to all the graffiti writers that challenged the heat and brought us the right flavour of visuall language to merge with the body language of the dancers. Hip Hop Culture at his best.

Peace, Love and Harmony


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