Team Combo Trip // Kazan Russia

On 15. Mai 2019

Since 2016 we do in Karlsruhe the 1 vs.1 European breakin qualifier for ComboNation in Kazan Russia. In february 2019 we did a qualifier for b-boys and b-girls. The winner was B-Boy Light of Tru Cru and B-Girl Thai-Break from Gorilla Legion. As the two are part oft the Team Combo family  and Baske ToBeTrue was asked to judge the graffiti battle in Kazan. We decided to build a travell team to visit the Russian breaking and graffiti culture event on his 11th Edition in april 2019.

Seven heads had to check passport, clear visa, flights, transportation, accomodation and budget for one week in the the capital and largest city of the Republic of TatarstanRussia. And the rest is history. Or as we say: Legends of tomorrow.

All in all it was a really inspiring trip. A lot of new impressions in every aspect of life and culture. Too much to write in a single blog post.

We met many  from the russian breaking and graffiti scene. Saint Petersburg (special shout out tot he Original Good Crew), Rostov, Moscow, Siberia, Perm, our beloved bratiya and sestry from Krasnodar, from all corners of the country.

Also guests from all over the world like New Dehli, India (Shout out to DMC), Venezuela, Netherlands, France, Japan and so on where in the place to be.

We can not say it enough, seven days packed with exchange and new impressions. We propably need a lightyear or two to reflect everything.

We want to thank the local Organisation of Combo Nation and all the volunteers there.
комбо нация имеет статус легенды

Thanks goes out to the city administration of Karlsruhe, especialy the „Mobile Jugendarbeit“ that helped out to make it all happend.


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